• WEB参加用ID / ID for Online congress

  • WEB参加用パスワード / Password for Online congress

【Those who are browsing by Safari, please deactivate the setting of blocking a pop-up window.】


The ID for Online Congress are 8 alphanumeric characters starting with AJ.
The password are the 6 alphanumeric characters, excluding " <" and ">" .
You can check them from My Page. To log in to "My Page" , you will be required to enter the login ID (your email address) and password issued at the time of registration.



Windows Fire Fox (最新版)
Google Chrome (最新版)
Microsoft Edge (最新版)
Macintosh Safari (最新版)
Google Chrome (最新版)

※Win Mac共にInternet Explorer ではご視聴いただけません。

【Recommended Browsers】

Windows The latest version of Mozilla Firefox
The latest version of Google Chrome
The latest version of Microsoft Edge
Macintosh The latest version of Safari
The latest version of Google Chrome

*Please note that APAGE2021 no longer supports Internet Explorer.